Tiny Tones

a creative music experience for your preschooler

What is Tiny Tones?

Tiny Tones is a two-level small group course designed to unleash the creative musician and pianist that is hovering in the wings of your 4 or 5 year old. Each section of the course lasts for eight weeks, but you and your preschooler are probably going to wish it will never end. Seriously. It’s pretty fun.

Piano Skills

We’re talking basics here… like figuring out our left hands from our right hands and making our fingers do different things at the same time. Tiny Tones teaches and reinforces these types of skills, laying a fantastic foundation for private piano lessons.

Music Basics

While your child is learning the piano concepts, we’re sneaking in music basics all over the place–like rhythm, singing, dancing, and high and low sounds. Every game and activity has been designed with clear educational goals.

Creative Expression

Too many of us have made it to adulthood with a fear of performing and few tools for creative expression. From day one, Tiny Tones musicians are encouraged to create, compose, and try new things. Coming soon: Tiny Tones Senior Edition. (we wish!)

Age-Appropriate Methods

No homework! Since most four year olds don’t know what that is, we’ve decided to leave it out of the class requirements. We’ve also kept writing and reading to a minimum, focusing instead on colors, pictures, imitation, and loads of sensory experiences.

The Classes

The nitty-gritty of what we teach in each section:

Level 1

  • left and right hand differentiation
  • finger dexterity/independence
  • finger numbers (used in all study of the piano)
  • mimicking long and short rhythmic sounds
  • high and low sounds (at and away from the piano)
  • “stepping” up and down the keyboard
  • early performance comfortability
  • early improvisation

Level 2

  • direct study of the keyboard
  • “skipping” up and down the keys
  • creating rhythms with long and short sounds
  • steady beat and tempo changes
  • basic music terminology
  • more intentional composition
  • early ensemble work

Techniques and Tools


We use only the finest, “funnest”, and silliest tools we can think of: paper, water, crayons, straws, kazoos, playdough, beach balls, paint brushes, chalkboards, and of course, the piano.

Personalized Learning

Tiny Tones groups max out at 4 students. We want each child to be heard, seen, and known a little bit more every week. Weekly lessons flow at a manageable pace with plenty of time for repetition, but the small group size does allow for customizations to the class content when needed.

Sensory Experiences

We’ve never met a preschooler who is content to just be told how something looks or sounds. Tiny Tones teaches using a variety of senses each lesson to keep your little musician thoroughly engaged.

Learning Styles

No homework! No two snowflakes are the same and we know for sure that no two preschoolers are the same. Each lesson consists of between 7 and 10 activities to accommodate the visual, aural, tactile, and verbal snowflakes… uh, learners out there.

"This was my kids' first experience that introduced them to the possibility of them making music. They both had very positive experiences. They looked forward to going to class every week." - Ben, Tiny Tones parent

Why Tiny Tones?

There are lots of preschool music programs in Seattle. And there are even lots of good ones out there. So, why Tiny Tones?

As a piano teacher, one of the most frequent questions I get is: “Is my child old enough to start private lessons?” And… I hate saying “no” to that question! I LOVE the piano and I think preschoolers are incredibly smart and perceptive and they might love it too!
But, I do acknowledge that there are certain hurdles in the traditional methods of piano teaching that harder for a 4 or 5 year old to conquer.

So, I’ve worked to remove these hurdles and create something that allows young children to begin exploring this foundational instrument in a way that is fun, exciting, and realistic.

This is why you’re going to love Tiny Tones







Tiny Tones might be right for you if:
  • Your child loves music.
  • You love music and want to introduce your child to it.
  • You have a piano and you’d love to see it get used.
  • You want to gauge your child’s interest BEFORE investing in a piano.
  • You are looking for ways to engage your child’s interest in music.

“Stacia is very professional in her work while letting the children still be who they are and learn at their own pace.” -Tom, preschool teacher

Who’s Behind All of This?

It’s time we all met.

Left Hand Louie

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Left Hand Louie. He’s an expert in all things related to the bass clef, your left hand, and very, very low sounds.

Right Hand Rosie

Louie’s right-hand gal (all puns intended) is Right Hand Rosie. She will thrill you with her amazing aeronautical feats and show your right hand how it’s done!

In reality, Tiny Tones is the work of piano teacher, music teacher, and preschool expert:

Stacia Cumberland

That’s me. I just called myself a preschool expert. But, if you’re interested, I’ve included the words of some other preschool educators throughout so you don’t just have to take my word for it. I also have my BMus in Piano Performance and have 10 years of piano teaching experience. (Check out my private lessons site staciacumberland.com if all of this sounds enticing, but you’re not a preschooler.)

I LOVE preschoolers. Their insatiable curiosity. Their uninhibited zest for life. Their frequent bouts of extreme silliness.

I believe it’s these very traits that make preschool an exceptional time for building a music foundation. I would love the chance to start your child on a happy, creative, exciting music journey.

“Her energy and attention to the children's interests keep them engaged and having fun the whole time” - Nicole, preschool teacher


There are a couple of options for signing your 4 or 5 year old up for a Tiny Tones class:


Full Groups sign-ups give you the most flexibility. So, if that’s what you like to hear, read on! A full group is 3 or 4 kids that you assemble. When you have your group ready, you can contact me to discuss scheduling. Full groups have the option to attend class in my studio OR host it at one of your homes (I come to you!).


It’s pretty simple to sign up as an individual. Check the available classes below and see what works with your schedule! Fill in the contact form below. Let us know your top choices and we’ll let you know what’s available!

CURRENT Tiny Tones 1 Schedule

There are currently no group classes scheduled. If you’ve got a full group and would like to schedule a class, contact us below!


Each Tiny Tones class lasts 45 minutes and meets for 8-weeks. The Tiny Tones material is cumulative so your child will need to take Tiny Tones 1 before taking Tiny Tones 2.


$200 per student, per course. The course fee includes all materials and of course, all the good times we’ll share together. The course fee is to be paid in full at the first class.

"Piano lessons was so fun, I want to do more of it. I just love it. It's great." -Evie, Tiny Tones participant

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